make better

An online course that helps you make better everything.

Join hundreds of creatives from around the world who are bucking the trends, finding their voice, and making the best art of their lives.


The work of becoming a better human and making better art isn’t easy. Make Better distills 15 years of experience into 8 succinct modules, designed to give you weekly learnings and takeaways that you can implement immediately.
While not exhaustive, this is what we’ll touch on in each Module…

“It’s helped bring focus into my messy life. I’ve gotten down to the basics of why I do what I do and that in and of itself has changed everything for me. My work, my art, has gotten better.”


Why I created Make Better

(and why you should take it)

10 years ago, as a successful acting career was taking off, my life was completely altered by a series of debilitating panic attacks. This led me to begin a journey asking: who I was as a person, what was the process I needed to go through, and finally what on earth I should do with my life.

Through therapy, graduate school, lots of soul searching, and lots of making (both good and bad), I slowly began to discover that as I became a better, more whole human, I was making much better art.

Make Better distills absolutely everything I’ve learned from all my years of art-making and life-living as an actor, writer, producer, creative director, husband, and dad to help you make better.

So why take Make Better and not some other course down the block?

Well, you see, most online courses don’t address the whole person.

While they might focus singularly on the process of making, or the product, or maybe in the case of a life-coach, the person – I wanted to create something that engaged all three.

Make Better is a holistic, proven process, that results in tangible, hands-on skills, along with the kind of deep, heart, blood and guts stuff that will make you and your work stand out from the rest of the pack.

“During the course, I finally published a photography blog I had been sitting on for months! Make Better is so much more than just another self-help course. It is an invitation into a community of people who desire to change the world through their personal stories and creativity.”


“Make Better is a great way to stretch yourself and dig deep. Whether you’re an artist or a businessman, Blaine poses a lot of great questions right off the bat to get to the core of why you do what you do. The way that I approach the creative process has definitely changed because of Make Better.”


Your Instructor

blaine hogan

With a BA in theater performance and an MA in Culture and Theology, I’ve written books, directed films, created live events for over 1 million people, developed content for numerous Fortune 500 companies, and now work at one of the highest impact churches in the country. I want to take all that experience and help you make better…everything.

“Because you’re joining a group that doesn’t just teach you how to be better at what you make, it helps you become a better artist and person. You can’t put a price on a group of people who legitimately care about your art and creative life.”


My work

As a creative director, I take bits of things – random ideas, scraps of paper, lines of music, scores of images, pieces of books, dreams I’ve had – and shape them into something new.
From creating films to live experiences; meals to relationships; books to blogs; sacred spaces to directing perfomance art in alleyways – here are a few hand-selected images to give you a taste of some of the moments I’ve helped create.

“Make Better will help you align your life and art to what truly matters to you. If you want to have a greater impact through your life AND your art, you shouldn’t miss this.”

– Leslie // Communications dir. at Seattle Girls School

“Make Better helped me refine my definition of purpose. It connected passion and day-to-day work to meaning. One of my favorite aspects of the group is the diversity in talent/passion represented. It’s amazing community where you find carpenters, musicians, students, business people, and parents gathered together – learning and exploring. What you learn is rich and the community you enter is like no other.”

– Josh Zaldana // Designer

Here’s what you get!

  • 8 multi-media modules (lessons include exclusive content, curated readings, video, audio, and a private journal workbook)
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Join 100’s of creatives from around the world already in the Make Better community
  • Special guest interviews with leading creative professionals
  • Exclusive access to Blaine via email throughout the course
  • Lifetime membership!

“Make Better helped me build an essential part of our studio: internal growth. Between caring for clients and appealing to needs, it was easy to neglect the internal growth of our selves. Blaine’s teaching, resources and relationship helped me to explore and build a path in my own life and can lead you through the forest of your personal creativity. There are hundreds of thousands (or millions?) of ways to learn to make things on the internet, but this course is in a league of few that helps you make better. Make Better really believes in the value of your self and the life/art you create. If you hesitate on this because it costs money, that is possibly a symptom that you especially need this course: to, at the very least, learn that you are worth the investment.”

– Alex Kwok Wai Young // Photographer

What does it cost?

“The access we’ve had to Blaine, to his behind-the-scenes-process, to things he’s working on, what works, what doesn’t and how his brain works. It’s like being in a private master class.”

– Allison Rivers // Adventurer

Money Back Guarantee

I’ve spent 15 years earning my keep by creating – all the while gaining skills, techniques, and disciplines in order to become a better human and make better art. Make Better is designed to synthesize these learnings into the 8 weeks ahead of you.

If you’re willing to engage the process and do the work, I believe that noticeable change will begin to make its way into your art and life. 

If you’re not satisfied, just let me know within 14 days of purchase, and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

I have loved Make Better! From the moment I watched the introductory video I was just speechless. This was everything I could not have even dreamed would be available, and it was going to deal with everything I was struggling with and it was going to help me with more than I could have asked for. Because of Make Better I’m now infused with hope and strength. The simple reminder that I’m actually ok. I’m not weird. I’m not strange. Make Better was the reassurance I needed. I no longer feel like a complete mess of a human being every time I look over the spectrum of my artistic abilities and can’t figure out how to make the colours look symmetrical. It’s ok. I’m ok. And I can make better.

– Amee Rhodin // Illustrator

what people are saying & making

“What I know now about my journey is that I need other creatives to connect with to feel energized to keep going. Even when the waters are rough and seasons change, I still am a creative, a writer, a helper and now a mom. I’m so grateful for the journey Make Better took me on towards opening the spaces I thought were closed and for encouraging me to make better art and help others do the same”

– Beth // Writer

“I completed Make Better at the end of 2014 and I can’t recommend it enough. I would especially recommend this course to anyone that feels stuck. No matter what your beliefs are, what you do, or what you make, this course is for you. It changed the way I look at my art and my life. Make Better helped me unearth a long forgotten dream to be a composer and I am currently pursuing that dream.”

– Andrew // Composer

“I had gotten so tied up in the day-to-day work that I never created what I wanted to create, Make Better is helping me create for “me” more often.”

– Jayson // Creative Director

“I’ve been able to write more, think more and do more; and I regained my desire to risk again because of Make Better.”

– Bethany // Writer

“Make Better has helped me believe in my art and expression more. Which of course has made my whole life better!”

– Dylan // social media strategist

“Make Better has provided value by affirming that I HAVE value and can bring value and significance to this world. It helped validate my passion. It helped me feel a sense of ownership over my desires to create and gave me a wonderful and very real nudging to embrace this sense I have always had to DO. To MAKE. To BE an artist of some kind, whether or not I ever see my name in lights. It also showed me that I’m not alone. That there are other people out there with the same longing, even if the dream is different.”

– Kirstin // stay-at-home-mommy blogger

“Make better helped me rediscover myself, to remember what I didn’t realize I had forgotten. We are who we are for a reason. Sometimes our logic behind what we do becomes blurry and we lose our motivation. Through lessons and reflective work I was able to succinctly define my purpose. As a result I gained clarity, confidence and momentum. I would recommend Make Better to everyone,  especially artists. Artists have a unique way of looking at the world. We are not passive. Our nature is to see a void or problem and ask, “How can we make make this better?” Yet, lacking deep understanding of ourselves can show up in our work. Art isn’t just about transforming materials. It’s about the transformation of the artist. Make Better is a journey of self discovery that will take you as deep and far as you are willing to go.”

– Carissa // writer


How does the course actually work?

Once the course starts you’ll have immediate access to each module and corresponding lessons. Each lesson contains curated readings, video, and interviews with special guests. During each lesson, you’ll be given space to think, interact, and comment on the material through the forum community and a workbook.

Can I go at my own pace or do I have to do the work 8 weeks in a row?

You can absolutely go at your own pace since you’ll have access to the course content forever. For those of us who procrastinate and like the accountability that comes with a group experience, many people enjoy doing the 8 weeks in a row. However, you can take as long as you need to complete the material. Did I mention you have access forever!?


How much time do I need to set aside each week to do the work?

On average, it takes between 1-4 hours for students to complete the work (including reading, journaling, and forum interaction).

Will I really learn how to make better everything?

The process of making better is not an 8-week one, but rather a life-long endeavor. Think of Make Better as the launch pad to painting a better picture, writing a better story, and becoming a healthier person as you integrate what you make with who you are. The fun is choosing what you’ll make better first after our time together!

Have more questions?

No problem! Shoot me an email.