Module Four: What’s junking up your space?

We’ve all got junk. Sometimes it’s our desks that are cluttered and sometimes it’s our hearts. Tell us what you need to get rid of to make some room.
  • Robert Felker

    This one’s easy. My office at work is really cluttered. Actually, I just cleaned my keyboard and typing is so much more pleasant. That was probably a first in several years — yeeesh! I keep the light low, so it’s not so noticeable. I need to get things organized in here. I’ve got a thousand things I probably don’t even need. My home studio is even worse! There are narrow paths along the floor I can use to navigate the room. There are paintings and frames along the floors and walls (there’s actually framed pictures from my last show along the hallway leading to the studio). Whenever I walk in there, I get a little pissed off. I wonder how I let it get so out-of-hand. Sometimes I get depressed, or feel overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning it up. I know it’ll be a multi-day effort. I also share part of the room w/my wife and she’s got stuff strewn around too. It ends up being a catch-all and I have a tendency to get perturbed at her for junking up my space (even though I do a pretty good job myself). I clean it once or twice a year and it feels amazing afterward! Every time I say I won’t let it happen again, and yet, here I am again :)

  • Ane C . Hegén

    For me it’s more about not having a desk or a fixed place to work on. It’s hard having to move all your stuff around, being more of a tangible person who doesn’t like to only work from her computer. But working from multiple places on of my challenges is to do one thing at the time. I should have a list where I write all the things that come into my mind, and then I could focus on what’s important, one thing at the time.