• Robert Felker

    I am a 4 with a 5-wing. When I was listening to Shauna describe the types, that is what I wrote down. Then I took the free online quiz from the enneagram institute site and that confirmed my assessment. Really interesting stuff! Some of those famous people that are also Fours are amazing artists: Bob Dylan, JD Salinger, Annie Lennox, Marlon Brando, Rumi!

    I’m hoping my wife will become interested in this. I will never tell her what type I think she is, although I have a strong suspicion. The site also shows how your type matches up in a relationship with the other numbers. If my guess is correct, I’m married to the number combo that is the most volatile and quick to deteriorate, despite the strong attraction we both have for the other’s strengths.

  • I have always resisted the Enneagram because in the past my pastors were so convinced I was a 1 and used that to explain away all my actions including my feeling that I’m a 6 (“1s often mistake themselves for 6s you know”). So I felt pretty defensive whenever it got mentioned!
    Interestingly, looking at it again now with some space from that and a more open mind, I still think I’m a 6, with a 5 wing – which evidently often gets mistaken by OTHERS as a 1 but the inner world and motivations are very different, go figure ;-).
    The part I resonate most with is the need for support and guidance. I’m the youngest child, so I’m used to having others around to tell me what to do and I’ve always felt that as long as I’ve got a side-kick or someone else to help steer me, I can be really bold and confident, but without that I really doubt myself. I also definitely know what it’s like to have the “Inner-commitee” rather than the inner critic! 😉